Yoga for Beginners

Especially for beginners

1. We offer a couple of beginners classes every week. As new yogi you can purchase a 3-class card for EUR 20,00.

2. You can also participate in an Intro to Yoga course. This is offered monthly on diverse days.

This way you can familiarize yourself with the most frequently used yoga poses before you join a regular yoga class. Yoga is for everyone but each body is different and depending on which personal situation you find yourself in, the form of yoga you choose will have an impact, either positive or negative. We will provide a yoga background and will advise you on which form of yoga fits you best. New yogis can register for this before they start to follow regular classes, and present yogis can also take part as well.

Downwardfacing dog 



When: Several days (see schedule)

Number of sessions: 1 workshop + 5 classcard

Price: EUR 50,00 

CLICK HERE to register for a class