This summer: KidsYoga in the Palacegardens

With Ananda Bogers

: Friday 26 July | 6-12 yr olds | 15.00-16.00
          Thursday 1 August | 2-6 yr olds | 10.30-11.30
Location: Paleistuinen, Prinssesewal, Den Haag (meet at the playgorunds)

It's the middle of the summer! 

All the time for vacation, lounging aorund and goofing off. 
Time for being together and enjoying nature that grows and blooms. 
Are you joining us to enjoy a fun lesson for parents and children together in the Palace Gardens? 
We will imitate animals, stand as firmly and still as a tree, fly like birds and will be still to listen to the sounds around us. 

We will meet each other at the playground. 
In case of rain the class continue as usual, but then in the yoga studio. You will hear this one day in advance

Per child 1 (grand)parent/guardian
NB please bring your own mat/towel

Register here 26 juli
Register here 1 augustus