Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification (sytt350)


Yoga Teacher Certification & Immersions

You want to become a  Yoga teacher or build expertise in a certain topic?


After the  SYT150 Yoga Personal Development I and SYT100 Yoga Personal Development II – Meditation you can join  a Yoga Teacher Certification in this 6 days training to become a Hatha Yoga Teacher. After that you can join to build expertise in a certain topic, such as Yoga Therapy or Meditation, Philosophy etc.

See the topics on the schedule under “Teacher Immersions”






Training Curriculum

In this yoga teacher certification program you will build the skills to teach yoga to students.
Learn everything about teaching ethics, building sequences, safety and contra-indications.
This is a practical training. You will learn how to teach by doing it.
The first days you will learn how to build a class, more in depth anatomy, safety and contra indications.
You will be asked to work with the other students, in groups, on teaching assignments.
You will learn by observing other teachers. During the training, we will give you practical tools to build up and feel confident in teaching a beginners’ class. We will facilitate some of your internship classes to gain experience.
The teaching of a beginner’s class is finalized with a practical exam.
Also we will guide you to shape your vision as a beginning teacher into a plan how to move on as a teacher.



This program will prepare you to introduce people to the path of yoga with confidence, presenting asana, breath awareness, basic pranayama, mantras, introduction to meditative relaxation, relaxation and understanding of what Yoga realy is.

Successfully graduated students will be able to present sequencing of asanas for beginners, based on the Hatha Yoga and Yoga Philosophy, stable and confident to share ways to apply philosophy in the teachings.
This program is registered with the Yoga Alliance International (YAI), as it exceeds their standards at the 500 hours level.
This will allow you to register with YAI as a YAI – teacher from saktiisha yoga centre.



What we require from you

  • We require you to join the Yoga Foundation (50 hours) and Yoga Personal Development I program (150 hours) offered by saktiisha yoga centre
  • We require you to join the Yoga Personal Development II (50 hours of meditation training and a minimum of 50 hours of silence retreat)
  • We require you to have practiced yoga steadily for a minimum of approximate 2 years with a teacher and have a regular and consistent self-practice
  • If you have finished a yoga teacher training before and want to join this program, contact us for possibilities

Silence Retreat: minimum 5 days.
You can join the silence retreats offered by saktiisha or sign up for a retreat on your own. Our silence retreats are part of the Yoga Personal Development II – Meditation.

After your application has been received and reviewed, we will contact you to further discuss your participation in the program.



Upcoming trainings:
YTC4 – start in July 2017 – FULL
YTC5 – start in January 2018 | download schedule | sign up
YTC6 – start in January 2019 | download schedule | sign up

NEXT  SYTT50 – Yoga Therapy start in oktober 2017
NEXT SYTT100 – Yin Yoga start in April 2019 >> 100 uurs training met Skadi van Paasschen



€ 600 | 6-7 training days
including mentor program and examinations

Prices for 50 hours  “Teachers Immersions” € 495,- (15% discount for sytt250 trainees)

Reading list

Required reading

  • The Key Muscles of Yoga – Your Guide to Functional Anatomy in Yoga – Ray Long, Bandha Yoga
  • The Key Poses of Yoga – Your Guide to Functional Anatomy in Yoga – Ray Long, Bandha Yoga

Recommended reading

  • Your Body, Your Yoga – Bernie Clark (ISBN 978-0-96876655-3-8-52495)
  • Anatomy Trains – Thomas W. Myers (ISBN 978-0-7020-4654-4)



Savitri Thissen Sattoe – head of faculty and head teacher, overall teachings
Marlies de Koning – Asana and Anatomy
Maarten Thissen – from dream to business planning
Riim van den Berg – Asana and Anatomy
Jane Saman – head teacher in Surinam
Mandy Chiu Hung – assistant sytt in Surinam



Apply here

After your application has been received and reviewed, we will contact you to further discuss your participation in the program.



The following trainings together form the saktiisha Yoga Teacher Training (SYTT250):
Yoga Foundation + Yoga Personal Development + Yoga Teacher Certification

For more information mail to savitri@saktiisha.com
“It is not important where your yoga practice started. Where it leads you, is important.”


Savitri Thissen-Sattoe


The 6 days training was really awesome and exceptional. My mind and soul were awaken. Inspiring to take actions. I felt so blessed for the learnings that I acquired and for the people I’ve met. I am grateful and thankful with all my heart.


I feel so much more at home in my body as a human. This course thought me to look at myself and seek the answers within me. It has shown me that self-love and reflection is the greatest contribution to the universe.


De training heeft mij zoveel kennis, zelfkennis, zachtheid, reflectie, bewustzijn, vertrouwen en inspiratie gebracht. Alleen ik kan een betere versie van mezelf zijn en aan de ander tonen en geven.


Ontzettende leerrijke ervaring! Met name met betrekking tot kijken naar mijzelf. Ik heb een klik met jou (Savitri) en wil graag verder leren en mezelf ontdekken.


My experience during the course was amazing. I felt all kinds of emotions such as love, openness, freedom but also grieve and anger (I thought I already had dealt with it). I’ve gained so much knowledge, but in a humble way without it being mandatory. I already knew a lot about the topics, but it was the way we’ve been thought.


Buiten mijn verwachting! Eerlijk en oprecht! Om te kunnen duiken in de filosofie achter yoga dat gaf mij veel “AHA” momenten en ben er erg dankbaar voor. De manier van overbrengen. Zoveel liefde en ruimte. Love it!