Prenatal yoga Den Haag


Difficulty grade: *

Active: *

Meditative / relaxing: ***

Price: EUR 119,00 for 10-class card (validity of 6 months). You

can also use the card for other classes on the schedule. If you

are close to giving birth you can best buy separate classes for

EUR 15,00.


Prenatal yoga is a form of yoga especially set up for pregnant

women. A combination is made between breathing exercises,

theme theory, awareness and relaxation focused on a specific

theme through movements. In this hectic society it is not

always easy to deal with (physical and emotional) change and

to take a moment to really enjoy this special time of your life.

During these classes we try to create awareness so that you can

enjoy your pregnancy and will enter the birthing process better


This yoga class is meant for women who are 13 to 36 weeks

into their pregnancy.

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