About saktiisha

Sharing the love for yoga kopie

saktiisha is a yoga school located in the centre of The Hague. Our studio is open to anyone who seeks and wants to practice one or more facets of yoga.

The school has an inspiring and relaxed atmosphere, where you can be yourself.
saktiisha operates through ancient and modern knowledge and experience of yoga and meditation, to enable the experience of connection and balance of “body, mind & spirit”. Our main focus is to help you gain balance  and overall health.

Located in a beautiful old monumental building at the Javastraat 12, The Hague, where we have room for everyone. We are also very proud to have “Indischa Flower” as in-house salon, where you can book traditional Indian beauty treatments in which beauty, Ayurveda, yoga and meditation are united in one treatment.

In the summer you can enjoy yoga in the garden and in the park. Our program varies from lessons, workshops, courses to trainings. We aim to meet the different needs of our students.

The teachers are happy to share their knowledge, experience and love for yoga with you!
Yoga is more than just physical postures. Whether you are a beginner, have been doing yoga for some time, are young or old … we have a suitable lesson for everyone.

Saktiisha is led with love, passion for authentic yoga teachings.
We want to keep and make yoga accessible for everyone.

The name ‘saktiisha’ consists of sakti and isha. sakti is the female energy (yin) and isha is the male principle (yang). Also called Sakti and Shiva, Purusha and Prakriti. saktiisha is the symbol for wholeness and ultimate connection of matter and consciousness in ourselves. Through our programs we want to stimulate and inspire this connection.


Foto’s: Julia Foeng & Glenn van Diest