For me Saktiisha is a place to unwind. The studio expresses calmness and serenity which is why I am very happy to come here. Participating in the yoga classes enables me to leave the bustle of the city and everyday life behind and and to fully focus on the moment, relaxation and reflection on myself. Every day there is a fitting lesson with one of the friendly and professional teachers. I can recommend everyone to participate in a lesson and to experience the atmosphere of this lovely place.

Annejet Groeneboer

Through a good friend I came into touch with yoga and immediately knew I wanted to continue. Through  yoga I can fully be in the moment, focus on myself and set aside all other things. Become completely calm and re-load the battery. I searched for yogastudio’s in The Hague that offered more than one type of yoga. This is important for me so that there is a good balance between active and passive poses depending on which type of yoga is provided. Morever, you have the possibility to find out which yoga style suits you best! Because of this, one of the studios on my list was ‘saktiisha’ and after taking a 3-class card I knew this was the right studio for me!  Besides the fact that it is a beautiful building with a great roof terrace located in the Spaanse Hof, the teachers are competent and help you where needed by adjusting poses to you as an individual. They are also always open to answering any questions. Following the classes it is really wonderful to spend some time in the general relax area to talk about the class or simply have a nice chat. Those are all the reasons that ‘saktiisha’ is the ideal studio for me and it is an important part of my daily life!

Jeroen Schubert

In the heart of the busy city of the Hague, there is this hidden island of peace and calm. The instant I first entered the building of saktiisha Yoga studio, I was completely charmed. Once you start walking up those old, wooden stairs, of the Spaanse Hof, all you can do is leave your worries behind.

saktiisha studio is situated in the attic, a space that already has a character of its own. From there you can mildly hear the city sounds, while all you can see of the outside world, is the sky. And, if the weather treats us well, there’s even a roof terrace for an outdoor practice. Saktiisha is the best location for practicing yoga in the city!

From relaxation to active workout, from pregnancy yoga to yoga with your child, from meditation and mantra chanting to movie nights, there are various events, courses and workshops organized, and even charity classes for community! People of any age or gender can find something suitable here.
All you need is some comfy clothes, as there are yoga mats and all kinds of props available for free during classes.

From beginner courses to advanced practices, saktiisha offers anyone a space to grow.
Saktiisha is open 7 days a week, with classes scheduled throughout the day, and all of that for very friendly prices!

Nanda Milbreta

A couple of months ago I had a dip and got the tip to try mindfulness. I am a huge perfectionist who likes to have control and am therefore often hard on myself. With this attitude I became stuck. Mindfulness teaches you to be milder for your and that worked out well in my case. Indirectly I came in touch with saktiisha which also offers mindfulness. Being from Drenthe I am quite sober and I was sceptical (‘as long as it is not too flighty’), but during the first class I noticed something happening. I moved from one emotion into the other. Quite exciting and exhausting, enough reason to continue. With mindfulness yoga combination between body and soul is important: the yoga poses not only make your body more flexible, they also help your energy to stream again. Daarnaast is er veel aandacht voor meditatie- en ontspanningstechnieken. Ik heb nu zo’n 15 lessen gevolgd en merk al een behoorlijk verschil. Ik heb meer rust in mijn hoofd en ben me veel bewuster van mijn lijf. Ik heb zelfs zo de yogasmaak te pakken dat ik naast de relatief rustige mindfulness yoga-lessen nu ook intensievere yogalessen volg. Yoga zorgt ervoor dat ik beter in balans ben en beter om kan gaan met pieken én dalen. En dat je er een stuk soepeler van wordt is helemaal mooi meegenomen!

Natasja Oosterloo – Ik heb meer rust in mijn hoofd

How wonderful is it to escape my busy daily life week after week when I go to saktiisha. I enter an oasis of peace & quiet during the classes provided by very professional and dedicated teachers who each have their own style. After and hour and a half, I feel recharged, full of power and positive energy and I feel like I can handle anything!

Pauline Tiedema – Oasis of peace & quiet

Through Groupon I came in touch with saktiisha. After 17 years I was very curious whether yoga would still bring me something and this was a good way to put this to the test. Starting from the very first Hatha yoga class on Tuesday morning with Savitri I was very enthousiastic. The combination of relaxation, meditation and poses is really enjoyable. There is a good atmosphere around the studio and the slow pace of this class really works for me. If you have physical issues, specific adjustments are made to the poses. I will keep coming to this class and recommend everyone to come and see which type of yoga suits them best. There are classes at every level and at different intensities, so enough choice for everyone and saktiisha is a great place to do this.

Lea – The combination of relaxation, meditation and poses are really enjoyable.

Since December 2010, I have been doing yoga at saktiisha in the centre of The Hague. It gives me a lot of relaxation and peace of mind. I have dystonia (a neurological movement disorder which creates disruptions in the muscles) therefore yoga really works for me. I learn how to stay in balance and make better use of my muscles. My breath has become more conscious and feels better. Practicing in a group is also and important factor for me. Doing yoga together followed by a chat over a cup of tea is very cosy. This makes it even more fun. The way classes are provided really work for me. The space is peaceful, open and comfortable. To make a long story short, yoga has become unmissable for me!

Lien, 76 years old – yoga has become unmissable!

By chance I walked passed saktissha last winter. Out of curiosity I took a yoga class and now months later I do not want to do without it. For me it is a welcome addition to my life. I notice how valuable it is for me to step out of the ‘rat race’ and give myself some attention. Besides the physical aspect of yoga, I have learned a lot about myself and about my body. This awareness has also brought me a lot of good things outside the classes. The nice thing about saktiisha is the diversity of classes offered. You get the chance to try out every type of yoga, to find that exact type which fits you best or to continue practicing several types at a time. The studio is spacious and has a pleasant ambiance. In my experience, the teachers are passionate. Moreover there is a genuine interest and regard for the students. Saktiisha is accesible, also for those who have no experience with yoga. Workshops are frequently provided for those who wish to gain knowledge or depth in for example meditation! In short, saktiisha is a good addition to the centre of The Hague.

Naomi, 29 jaar – Besides the physical aspect, yoga teaches me a lot about myself and about my body.

Through the Groupon promotion I ended up at saktiisha, a beautiful and friendly studio in the centre of The Hague You can try out different types of classes, so that you can decide which type fits you best. The atmosphere is relaxed and because the group is not all too big there is room for personal attention. For me, yoga is my weekly moment of peace & quiet in all the hecticness. Emptying the mind and coming back to myself and feel where I stand. The way the class is structured allows me to recharge physically as well as mentally. It works really well for me. This is also the reason that I bought a half-year subscription right away. It is possible to view the schedule, reserve or change a class on the website, which is really convenient.

Saskia Verschelling – Peace & quiet in all the hecticness

Beautiful location, had wonderful meditation classes. I plan to come more often!

Really great class, good balance between exercise and relaxation and very good teachers

I had a great experience during this yoga class. Very nice relaxation after hard day at work. I would recommend to people that want to take off stress and remove tension from their muscles.

Good class and a very competent teacher. I have experience with yoga so for me the class could have been a bit heavier. It is really nice that you can round of the class with a nice cup of tea.

Great class, wonderful location. I recommend it!!

I have followed several yin classes, wonderful! Great teachers and location, good energy. I am happy to have discovered saktiisha.

Great teacher and the center is beautiful

There were 4 participants, by which we received a lot of personal attention and assistance with the poses. Friendly personnel and in the summer classes are provided on the roof terrace. Definitely recommend it!

Extraordinary class. Beautiful location!

Good teacher, I just forgot her name. Really nice to start the day with breathing, fire breath! I had extra energy all day.